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2013 Was an amazing year, for me, So I am really looking forward to 2014!

In 2013, I ran my first marathon, fulfilling a goal that I had set in 1992 while raising over $2000 for Volunteers of America Chesapeake’s Homeless Services program. I completed the entire year with no new major injuries – a first since I returned to running several years ago!

That is just last year in review, you came to this page to find out who I am and learn about me.  I am a runner, slowly approaching my 40th year, striving to enjoy life and have a good time while trying to convince the world (and my two kids) that I am a mostly responsible adult!  I run alone, with my 11-year-old son Bryce, and sometimes with my 10-year-old daughter following on her bike.  My family (there IS an incredible woman, I was lucky enough to marry that is in this family as well – though she doesn’t run.. Except for one Warrior Dash) and I moved to the DC Area (Maryland side) at the end of 2012, leaving the icy winters of Upstate NY behind us!  We spend a lot of time exploring exciting and fun things in DC/Baltimore/Annapolis and doing way to many long drives back up to NY state to see the families!

I trained for my marathon on my own, using information I found on the internet (if its on the internet it MUST be true!) and from what seemed right to me.  In 2014, I am going to be working with a personal trainer, and joining the Annapolis Striders to expand my abilities, knowledge, and number of runners I know!  Its going to be a fun and exciting year!

Any comments, critiques or insights are ALWAYS welcome!

14 comments on “About Me
  1. […] 10 miler for a while. Hopefully it goes smoothly! Before I finish up, I need to thank Robinson at Once and Future Runner, because he put on a competition for a Road ID give away and although I didn’t win it, it was […]

  2. No critique, just wanted to let you know I was nominating you for the Very Inspiring Blogger and Sunshine Awards.


  3. amosmarie says:

    Thanks for stopping by and liking one of my posts. Look forward to reading more about your running adventures in the future.

  4. Jim Brennan says:

    Very cool “about!” You are a lucky man. Just a tad of advice from a 40-year runner, 13-time marathoner–if you were injured two times preparing for Marine Corpse Marathon, dial back on your training. Never every body is designed to handle 50-100 mile/weeks. Like the great running guru Geroge Sheehan always said, “We are all an experiment of one.” Good luck!

    • Robinson says:

      Jim – Thank you for stopping by!

      I think my issue thus far, has been consistently doing too much too soon so my body couldn’t adapt. That tied in to having NO flexibility. I have great hope that by slowly increasing, while doing yoga after each run – I can solve both issues.

      My injuries have almost all been related to muscles/tendons/ligaments simply being too tight. (Pulled Calf, Plantar Fasciitis, ligament pain)

  5. Tony says:

    I am a former runner, now cyclist. I know you have seen my blog. Please check out my post on why you shouldn’t run a marathon. I think there are more and better reasons not to do it than to do it. I am not putting down running, just running that far.

    Best of luck in any event!

    • Robinson says:

      I have indeed, and enjoy reading! I agree that there are many reasons NOT to run a marathon. But there are many reasons to not sky-dive, climb Mount Everest, etc.. But sometimes – the fact something exists is a challenge!

      The Marine Corps Marathon has been a goal for me since Junior year in highschool! I WILL run it at least once!

  6. mynuttydubai says:

    Thanks for liking my post “Countdown to RAK half marathon”!
    I had a quick look through some of your posts and have enjoyed what I’ve read so far – good luck for next year’s achievements, and lots and lots of running!

    Hope to see you back on my blog on other running posts I do 🙂

  7. judedalton says:

    Hi, had seen you have been following my running blog and found some time to check yours! I lived in the US 2001-2002 and went to Binghamton with some friends who had gone to university there! Hope you continue to enjoy my updates! Good luck with your races!

    • Robinson says:

      Having left Binghamton, I am amazed at the number of people who know about that town in upstate NY. Blows my mind!

      I have been enjoying your blog, and plan on continuing to read!

      Good Luck with your races as well!

  8. Blackwood Lady says:

    Hi! I have enjoyed reading your blog and have nominated you for an award!
    (It’ll be up in about 24 hours from this comment post)

  9. Judy says:

    Hey! i just stopped by your blog and had a few questions! I would love to chat.

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The Once and Future Runner
Once and Future Runner

2013 Was an amazing year, for me, So I am really looking forward to 2014!

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