Preparations for Middle School Cross Country

elspeth1So.. I totally meant to get a picture of my daughter last night to go in this post..  In her blue matching colored outfit (this is notable, as I had blue shoes, red socks, green shorts and a bright yellow shirt.. I was the very antithesis of matching.)  (Note: The included image is actually drawn by myself in paint.. Its not a photo.)

This is a big year for Elspeth.  My daughter started her last year at Augusta Raa Middle school in Tallahassee, walking through those doors as an eighth-grader on Monday.  Despite Read more ›

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The beautiful parks of Tallahassee – Lafayette Heritage Trail Park

Tallahassee has done a beautiful job of ensuring green space through out the area with plenty of trails for running/hiking, mountain biking and horse back riding.   Last night my son and I headed over to the Lafayette Heritage park trail for an evening run.

I want to pause here and explain how running with my son works these days.  Read more ›

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Cross Training for Improvement and Injury Prevention

I’m 42. With this in mind – I have begun running again, but try to limit myself to every other day in the interest of not hurting myself. If you have been a long-time reader, or gone back and read any of the archives – you know that I have a habit of hurting myself by doing to much to soon. I thought I would be different this time. This does raise an issue however, as only running every other day is putting myself in the position that I am only exercising half as often as I would like to. I do however have a solution!


This isn’t me. Its a stock image from  If it was me there would be less grace, and more gasping.

I’m fortunate in my new domicile, that we have Read more ›

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2018 St. Michael’s Running Festival (Half Marathon and 5k!) Discount

If you are just here for the Discount: You can save $10 (and register early) by going to following this link and use the code AMBNEID

stmichaelsSaint Michaels, also known as St. Michaels, is a town in Talbot County, Maryland, USA. The population was 1,029 at the 2010 census. Saint Michaels derives its name from the Episcopal Parish established there in 1677. The church attracted settlers who engaged in tobacco growing and ship building. (From Wikipedia)

Calling itself “The Heart & Soul of the Chesapeake Bay,” the town of Saint Michaels, Maryland retains the look and feel of a 19th century seaport. Walk on red brick sidewalks past the Victorian homes and boutique shops of the historic district, or head down to the pier in search of famously fresh seafood. The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum preserves the history of Saint Michaels, with restored examples of “bugeyes” and “skipjacks,” unique boats developed by the fisherman of Chesapeake Bay. (From TripAdvisor)

st michaelsSt. Michaels is known as “the town that fooled the British” due to Read more ›

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Returning to the road

I have spent the last several weeks learning that getting back into running at 42 is a bit different than it was at 32.  Especially when you are an upstate New Yorker, whom has moved to Florida.  I’m unsure at this point if it is my age, the extra weight I have put on, or the fact that it is 95 degrees with 80-90 percent humidity that is causing the problem!  Regardless I am 4 weeks into returning to running.. Another of those “Once and Future Runner” points in life.

 I’m okay with this.

 For a status check – I’m so out of shape, that running 3-5 miles is pretty much out.  I started off running 2 minutes, walking 1 minute, repeat until done or medically incapable of continuing.  (Fortunately, that second one never quite happened!) At this point – I can go a mile, wallk a minute or so (it varies based on the seconds I stop at.  I walk to the minute on my time – making sure I get to walk at least 50 seconds.) and then repeat.   I am able to do 3 miles in this fashion, if I go over – my run/walk ration drops back down.

 I’m okay with this too.

I’ ve lost a bit of weight since starting – but have quite a bit more to go. My current goal is to be able to complete the Tallahassee Marathon 1/2 – in February.

But.. I’m back!

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12 year old daughters running in the chilly Florida Air (60 degrees)

So my daughter is 12 going on attitude.  Now, for a 12 year old – she doesn’t have a bad attitude, but it is there.. Along with stubborn bizarre views (at no point here am I stating she is just like her mother.)  Well, part of her current 12-year-old-ness, is that she doesn’t like to wear shorts.  Preferably, she wants to wear black running pants and a black sweatshirt.  Now, she can’t wear said black sweat-shirt running, because then it would be sweaty and she couldn’t wear it to school

Seriously, this is a thing.


Notice.. not shorts, but black running pants..

Read more ›

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When both kids want to run… The other kid.

So my son has long wanted to be a runner.. He has been very successful at it thus far. Monday, Wednesday and Friday (along with a long-ish run on the weekend) are his days to run with Dad.  Until this week, we had not been doing well on getting two runs done during the week.  THAT CHANGED TODAY!!!!  We headed out for our 3.1 mile route, and while it was a wee bit cooler – it was still humid.


There aren’t sidewalks here, and I know my son misses them as much as I do.  We do pretty well on staying off of main roads – but anything over 1.5 miles is either going to be very repetitive, or require part of our trip to be on “Meridian” – a fairly busy road. Read more ›

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When both children want to run…

S0, my daughter has long wanted to be a runner.. not to be confused with wanting to run.  She did the Girls on the Run in Maryland, and did AWESOME, and promptly stopped running.   After all, she was a runner with a T-shirt to prove it!  Maybe enough time has passed that she needs to run again in order to “prove” it, or maybe she genuinely wants to run.  (Though between you and I, the fact that as soon as it comes time to run – she tries to change my mind makes me suspect it isn’t the latter of the two.)


After Sunday’s Run with the Girl.

Regardless of the why, she came to me saying she wanted to run again.  She said this while we were in a shoe store, buying running shoes for her brother – so her timing was good.  She got running shoes as well. (Wait.. maybe she wanted to run to get more shoes?)   This means I am now lucky enough to be running with both kids! Separately… At different speeds..  So M-W-F is running with the Boy, and T-T is with the Girl.  Then I do two runs on Saturday or Sunday – one with each of them. No problem. Read more ›

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I’d prefer to not die of sitting.

I’m sure that you have seen the various articles and studies about how sitting is killing us.


picture by Robin Davey from the TIME article at: http:/

Alice Park wrote an article for Time Magazine in Sept of 2014 titled “Sitting is Killing You.”  In addition to that article having an awesome image (seen above), it had some wonderful information.

A recent review of 43 studies analyzing daily activity and cancer rates found that people who reported sitting for more hours of the day had a 24% greater risk of developing colon cancer, a 32% higher risk of endometrial cancer and a 21% higher risk of lung cancer—regardless of how much they exercised. In another study involving a group of men and women who reported exercising the same amount, each additional hour they spent sitting was linked to a drop in their fitness levels. In other words, sitting was chipping away at some of the benefits of exercise Read more ›

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Traipsing on the trails in Timberlane Ravine Park

Yesterday, the boy and I decided on doing something a little different than the boring neighborhood, so we went searching for a trail!   Ok, so maybe searching is exaggerating a little.. We went to the park I pass everyday on my way to work – Timberlane Ravine Park.

wp-1457914698577.jpgIt looked quant, and having the potential for trails, you can see the entrance behind my son – doing the tree pose.  Its a subtle little park, with a small lot that would hold only a few cars – right off the road. Read more ›

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The Once and Future Runner
Once and Future Runner

2013 Was an amazing year, for me, So I am really looking forward to 2014!

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