KT Tape and Taking it easy…

So my free samples of the KT Tape and the Rock Tape did arrive last week, I apologize for slacking and not mentioning it sooner.  The Rock Tape company sent me two excellent little sample packs. Bright red tape with their logo on it.   Then, two days later the KT Tape arrived in the mail.  And they sent two full size BOXES of tape.  I was pretty excited to try it out – so my wife helped me put it on (ie, i stood there while she put it on.  I decided to go with the KT Tape, as there was more of it – so more room for error and wastage.  We followed an easy to follow instructional video.

It was interesting, as it seemed to help.  I won’t lie – I didn’t really expect it too and was pleasantly suprised.  The tape did start to peel off in 1.5-2 days (tried two different applications).  As an addtional test, I then took the tape off for a couple of days.  The pain in my calf definitely came back faster while I was running, and lasted longer as far as healing/recovery.

I am going to try the RockTape in the next day or so and will let you know what (if any) effect or differences there are. 

Other than that, I have been taking it easy on my running the last couple of days (for those paying attention to the above product endorsement, these would be the days I was running without tape) – I ran a mile barefoot each day on the treadmill, stopping before the pain kicked – but I could feel a “thightness” or knot on the right side of my ankle toward the back.  When not running, I try to massage it, but the knot is in very difficult of an area to actually make any difference with.  If it keeps up, I may go see a doctor and try and get a referral to a Physical Therapist.  When I saw one for what I thought was a strained hip flexor, he was very helpful.


I run, because I am a runner. Having realized that I have always "been a runner" - even when I went years with out running, I am learning how it has integrated itself in all aspects of my life. When I started running in highschool, my perspective on life changed. Funny that I didn't realize how much it had affected it until just recently.

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6 comments on “KT Tape and Taking it easy…
  1. Jim Jenson says:

    We’re glad to hear it’s working good for you so far. If you are having trouble with the ends pealing up a little these tips will help- http://bit.ly/hLvJvz. If we can help in any way please let us know. thanks! Jim

  2. Robinson says:

    Definitely Jim! I have no idea HOW it works, but it does!

    I also wanted to share what was said on my facebook about it to any readers:

    From my friend Christineon the KT tape: use a blow drier to set the tape after you apply. Don’t work out or get wet for about 2-3 hours after. When you do shower (post-run or otherwise), use the blow-drier again after you PAT dry with a towel. You’ll get another day or two out of it 😀 Maybe this should go on your blog *lol*
    From Sean: Another tip: shave the area you are taping. I know, I know… But the tape adheres A LOT better.
    And from bad-Ann: My daughter just used KT tape and finished the Washington DC Marathon this morning…a couple of days ago she wasn’t sure if she could even run at all…this stuff is amazing….I shared your blow dryer tip with her…thxs

  3. Jim Jenson says:

    Great tips- thanks. Some people will also use hairspray to give it the little extra stick.

  4. Benjamin says:

    Hi Jim…I found your site while trawling the web re: KT tape FiveFingers…I haven’t done my homework and read through your blog other than this post so don’t know how long you’ve been using KT…apology if you’ve been using it for a bit and this is unneeded. I’ve been running in VFFs maybe four years and learned the hard way how necessary it is to slowly build up to “regular shod mileage” in VFFs. Doing too much too soon on the balls of my feet put the metatarsals through some serious bad times until I started stretching like a madman and adopting a faster, lighter cadence along with a more flat-footed landing. KT has helped tremendously in making the runs a much more forgiving experience. I tape my Achilles and then do some wrapping to help the meta’s absorb the fun a bit easier and its worked wonders. I get about five-six days worth of life before the tape gives up the ghost, maybe 15-20 miles worth of runs. I’ve never blown-dried the tape and it stays bonded well, but I’m going to try the drier tip and see if their lifespan improves. Here’s to safe journeys great runs…cheers!

  5. Benjamin says:

    Robinson, I had too many post-run-endorphins buzzing my brain on the preceding post – it should’ve been addressed to you not Jim. 😉

    I’d missed the fact you were running totally barefoot when you got the 1 1/2 – 2 days life from the tape. My experience getting 5’ish days really isn’t applicable since the VFFs are shielding the wrap from bare surfaces.


  6. Robinson says:

    No worries at all! I run in VFFs for the most part, running barefoot is my “occasional” experiment when I think about become a little more crazy. I have cut oout almost all barefoot running – to help minimize injury during marathon prep.

    I get either 4 hours, or 4-5 days from my KT Tape. The driving factor seems to be whether I put it on RIGHT before a run. My impatience at getting out there leads to a quick removal. If I put it on at other points – I actually take the time to rub the tape to warm it up and can get five days. I have some on right now – the one piece has been on for 8 days at this point, the other had to be replaced at 5 and is coming off again. I have not tried the blow-dryer trick as my last dog sent it to blow-dryer heaven.

    After rushing it (twice) and pulling a calf muscle (twice), I finally started paying MUCH better attention to not doing to much to soon, and stopping when my body told me to. I am up to 10 miles now, and the only pain I get is from my left Achilles. (that started due to spending two days standing all day in VFFs). That (thanks to the KT Tape) is now down to just tightness that wears off after the first 1/2 mile. KT and my foam roller have definitly helped immensely!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I don’t know if you have a ROAD ID (another great accessory for runners), but If you checkout the bottom of one of my recent posts for the link – I have a contest running right now to give one away!

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