Some times a break is all you need.

So as you all know (well, we will pretend you do), I have been taking some time off of running and doing the Insanity workouts.  I had gotten a bit burned-out on running and needed a break.  Now I completely recognize that this may have been due to the use of the treadmill, but it had affected my desire to run at all.

I started up the Insanity work outs, and while I still hate doing DVD’s as a source of exercise – it was a nice change. It also started me working on my core, which I DESPERATELY need.  In fact, I hadn’t realized how bad it was – until this time around doing the DVDs.  I know see that my hernia-surgery repair took an already weak core, and made it weaker.  Logically this makes perfect sense, as I spent some time doing everything possible to NOT engage my core (specifically hip-flexor area.)

Now, as what might seem as a segue, I had also started looking back into the SCA.  This reminded me of when I used to fight, and it wasn’t stamina I lacked.  I didn’t have enough arm-strength.  I could go for a few fights, then my arms would need a break because they simply didn’t have the strength to go on.   Since then I have been doing between 80 and 120 push ups a day.  (I lose track of how many I do.  The goal is 100.)

I have ceased (temporarily) on the Insanity, because I feel that if I am going to be running a 10 mile run in 8 days, I should probably have a little bit of recent-running under my belt.  Consequently, I got out on the road on Weds. night.

I cannot remember the last time I enjoyed running so much.  The air was perfect, the songs on my phone – fantastic, the pavement? in great shape.  I was surprised when I heard my mile split at 8:30!  Then my second mile was a bit quicker!  The air was simply fantastic.  It was only a 2.25 mile run – so I wasn’t worried about going to quickly and wearing myself out.  (I normally keep my “First runs” to about a 10 minute mile).

So on Thursday night, I was really looking forward to going back out. It was again in the high 40’s (not as nice as high 50’s, but WORLDS better than 30’s!)  So off I went.

Now to many people this may look like a blocked side walk.. and force them to turn back.  Or maybe something they had to go around..  But me?  I suffered from flash backs to track-season and cleared it in my own unique hurdling fashion! GO ME!I have to admit.. My legs were a wee bit sore and tired.. But they got over it pretty quickly.. The run was again nice.  I did have one terrible moment. It seems that someone’s garbage can had blown over – blocking the only way past on the side-walk.  It was a horrible quandary.

Do I turn around and go back?  If I did, that would make my run a grand total of .5 miles…  That’s not far enough!

Do I turn around and go another way? Into uncharted territory?  But what if I got lost? I’d have to call my wife to come get me!  What if I didn’t know where I was to tell her?

What about (gasp!) leaving the sidewalk?  I could after all run on the road… But what if I trampled someones just starting to come out begonias?  How sad it would be to have their flowers trampled before they even had a chance to bloom!

Then.. It occurred to me… I saw myself in highschool.. Track… With my own unique (funny) hurdling form as I did the 110 high hurdles, and hte 400 medium hurdles.. I could clear this..  So with several stutter steps to get the correct foot forward (come on, its been 20 years since I even pretend to hurdle, cut me some slack!!!)  I flew over it with the grace of a gazelle grace of a tripping drunk-guy.

I was able to continue on with my run!  My mile split was actually faster, with my overall pace at 8:12/mile.

You know, I’m glad to be running again.


I run, because I am a runner. Having realized that I have always "been a runner" - even when I went years with out running, I am learning how it has integrated itself in all aspects of my life. When I started running in highschool, my perspective on life changed. Funny that I didn't realize how much it had affected it until just recently.

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