Possibly waving goodbye to this years MCM.

I can track my annual running, on the injuries I received (pathetic I know.)

Last year was my Plantar Fasciitis.

The year before? Pulled Calf muscles.

The year before? Hernia surgery (open, not laproscopic.)

So why do I bring this up?  Well, on Weds.  I was sitting on the couch coughing – and suddenly felt a pain in my left groin-area.  As the day went on – the pain was very reminiscent of a pain that I had felt – 3 years ago.  In fact, it reminded me EXACTLY of how I felt 3 years ago. 

This got me wondering, is it possible, via extreme (either in force, or in amounts) coughing to rip apart an inguinal hernia repair using mesh – 2 to 3 years after surgery.   This caused me to turn to the old stand-by.  Google.   The interesting thing is how hard it is to find any information on this.  It seems that if you put in the appropriate key words, it will bring up many articles on folks that had coughing bring their Hernia to light, or help a previously existing hernia start to hurt more. I found ONE link that was on this – and it was someone who had the same concern.  However, after a couple of weeks – the pain subsided, so they came to the assumption that they had not “ripped” the repair out.

My brother-in-law, is both a Paramedic and a Corpsman in the United States Navy, and happens to be down for a visit.  He felt it was unlikely that it was ripped out, and thought that a) it would be excruciating, not just the standard hernia pain and b) There would be serious internal bleeding.

At this point, I am going to be waiting and seeing what happens pain wise.  With being at a reasonably new job (in a new area), I don’t exactly have the sick time for surgery.  Especially after using up all of the sick time I DID have on the flu-like symptoms.  Oh, and I don’t have a primary doctor that I can go to yet either.  Might be time to remedy that.

I suppose on a good note – if I do have a hernia, this year I found out in time to NOT register for the MCM, so I will save some money by not paying for a marathon I can’t run.


I run, because I am a runner. Having realized that I have always "been a runner" - even when I went years with out running, I am learning how it has integrated itself in all aspects of my life. When I started running in highschool, my perspective on life changed. Funny that I didn't realize how much it had affected it until just recently.

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14 comments on “Possibly waving goodbye to this years MCM.
  1. Oh no!!!! I’m hoping for the best for you!

  2. I had hernia surgery on my right side when I was in my teens. Twenty-five years later, when I was having my gallbladder removed, I was told afterwards by my surgeon that my left side has the makings for another hernia. I asked him why he didn’t just do what was needed when he was in there. He told me that wasn’t his assigned job! Anyway, here’s to a speedy non-hernia related recovery Robinson! 😀

  3. Halfathoner says:

    Oh No! I’m hoping it was just a heck of a cough and that maybe you pulled a little muscle and this will all go away soon. You’ve had your share of injuries already, and we both don’t need to be sitting the couch wishing were running! Besides, you have until October. That’s a loooong way away. You’ll be doing the MCM, I am confident. Or think of me — I paid $150 to watch my daughter and son-in-law run the Disney when I coudn’t do it. That’s an expensive injury!

  4. HaleyComet says:

    Dang, that sucks! I hope it isn’t serious!

  5. Dad had a hernia surgery for non running reasons. I do know he could never carry anything heavy to avoid agravating it. If you know a personal trainer or body builder they may suggest which muscles to strengthen in order to support it.

  6. Lauren says:

    Ouch, what a month! I hope you get that primary set up asap. I learned last year that referrals to specialists usually require a month-long waiting period if you’re a brand new patient, so if you wait until you need a visit, you’re waiting much too long. Take care of yourself!

    • Robinson says:

      I hadn’t thought about that aspect, thank you for mentioning it! Will get it done asap along with physicals for the whole family

      • Lauren says:

        Glad to hear it! I never thought of it either, until the doctor at my local urgent care facility was convinced my sprain was actually a break, and saw the horror on her face when she found out I had no primary. Thank goodness it was just a sprain!

  7. scotty2u says:

    I had a hernia repair (L side open) over a decade ago. For whatever reason there are runs where that area aches like crazy. My PCP feels that it is likely that one of the corners of the Gortex patch rubs against soft tissue and causes inflammation. Good luck to you, and don’t give up quite yet. I’m currently rehabbing a quad sprain with lots and lots of miles on the bike hoping to be in form for the Pgh Marathon on May 5. I hope things look up for you.

    • Robinson says:

      My hernia repair (also open). Aches/hurts fairly often – though it has never been anything quite like this.

      Doc told me they couldn’t due much unless they cut me open again. I always figured that since it hurt so much less then before the surgery, I wouldn’t complain! Now I am just giving it time to see what it does.

      Good lock with your injury and your marathon!

  8. Mariajose says:

    Doesn’t sound good. I would really go check it out just to make sure. At least this way you’ll know what you have and if there is something you can do to stop the pain if surgery isn’t the answer. Feel better!

    • Robinson says:

      Unfortunately, due to the move – I don’t have a primary to go to. Having gone through the whole hernia experience once before, I know that all they can do is surgery.

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