Last Run of the (choir) Season.

Last night was the end of choir season.  At  the end of the season, the Maryland State Boy choir hosts a festival that draws kids from all over!  Members of the  Newark Boy Choir,  the Ann Arbor Boy choir and many others have come to Baltimore for this year’s fun.  While this is an awesome thing, it means that the usual waiting room is unavailable for the parents.  No biggie for the beginning of the evening, as I had plans to go running, despite my ongoing foot pain.  You heard me right.. Foot pain.  My plantar fasciitis has been quite bad lately.  Bad enough that I even tried wearing the odd boot in bed to see if it would help!

I needed a picture here.  I liked this one.

I needed a picture here. I liked this one.

Despite that, I was all set to run and had plans to meet up with my running partner!  Well, something came up and she couldn’t make it (our plans  had been made as a maybe, so this wasn’t anything shocking,)  but this put me in a quandary as I sat there on the steps of the church.  Do I and my only-thirty-five-percent-charged phone go running?  Or do I give my grumbling plantar fascia another day to rest?  I mean, I felt pretty generous giving it Thursday off, did it really need Friday too?  How generous did I have to be?  This PF is becoming as involved as a marriage!  (Though, if it were like a marriage I would totally be divorced and be on my rebound Plantar Fascia!  A nice young flexible plantar fascia.)

Well, I can’t speak for the rest of you, but if I am sitting around in my running clothes, running IS going to happen.  Consequently I finished my whining to my wife via text (I may want to divorce and replace my plantar fascia, but my wife? She is a keeper!) and started my runtastic.  Now to interrupt this thought with a brief side note.

I needed another picture here...  Now to go find my wind turbine generator for my next run.

I needed another picture here…
Now to go find my wind turbine generator for my next run.

I love daily mile.  It allows me to save my running info in a social environment of like-minded people.  It gives me a “check” to compare the mileage that runtastic gives (or doesn’t when I screw it up.). BUT (you knew there was a but….) There is one thing I dislike.  Using daily mile on a tablet or phone STINKS.  Trying to map out the route you ran is terribly frustrating.  Now, if you have a predefined route it is easy enough to put in.  (End of side note)  With that in mind, I decided to run the route I had put into daily mile for Wednesday’s run (which wasn’t correct for THAT day, but that is an entirely different story.  Based on daily mile, I knew that was a 4 mile loop (plus or minus a bit) with plenty of opportunities to take a side path and cut the loop short if my feet seemed to need it.  So with runtastic running, off I went!

Lake Montebello was empty compared to my last visit, so no dodging of others was needed.  I kept to the grass here, so my feet had a softer landing and everything seemed to be going well. I noticed as I ran that the looks/responses I got as a male running (compared to a man and a woman running, like on Weds.) were much less friendly.  Gwen and I got cheerful hellos and smiles.  Alone I got slightly intimidating (OK, one guy wasn’t just intimidating, he was quite scary) or flat-out ignoring my existence.  I was out to run, not to socialize, so no biggie – but I found it interesting none the less.


From the lake I followed that same route through Herring Run park (port a potty was tipped over) and then back to the church.  The run felt really nice, but I have to admit I did not remember running through the lake.. So either I have developed the ability to walk on water (seem the map above), or I’m not Jesus, and my GPS didn’t quite get it right.


Whether I am miraculous or not, I have to admit that that I am pleased with the pace I am keeping.  I was even more happy to see that from 5 minutes, to 15 minutes I was very consistent.  I would like to see my pace become more even, rather than having more hills and valleys than my elevation chart..

I felt good after the run, and did my stretching routine outside of the church. (Watched the Newark Boys Choir bus show up.. Their driver was from Florida.. driving from Newark, NJ to Baltimore, MD.  Took them 2.5 hours out of the way!)  and then used one of those shake up and squeeze Ice packs on my feet.  Not the best, but I figured it was better than nothing!

icingfootlogToday, my feet were sore.  I’m not sure that my left foot (the worse of the two) was as bad as yesterday, so I’m pretty pleased.    I have iced both feet, and with some liberal use of my footlog, they are both feeling pretty good.   I will repeat a couple of times today – and see how they feel tomorrow!  I am planning on NOT running today, and putting in my long run tomorrow.  Is there a better way to celebrate a birthday then running?


I run, because I am a runner. Having realized that I have always "been a runner" - even when I went years with out running, I am learning how it has integrated itself in all aspects of my life. When I started running in highschool, my perspective on life changed. Funny that I didn't realize how much it had affected it until just recently.

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5 comments on “Last Run of the (choir) Season.
  1. Halfathoner says:

    Happy Birthday! I wish I could keep up your pace, but I’m stuck at an 11:00 min/mile. I’m sorry your feet (foot?) are acting up with PF — mine took about 6 months to go away, with orthotics.

    • Robinson says:

      I’m at about a year now. Orthotics help bring it down to a low rumble, but didn’t resolve it completely. I’m not really sure what brought the latest flare up, but it is feeling better now.

      Trying to convince myself to go run and that i don’t need another day. The spectre of more foot pain is looming over trying to convince me otherwise…

  2. Mariajose says:

    Hope you had a great birthday! (sorry it’s so late, I’m only catching up now lol I’m like 2 or 3 weeks behind still)
    I feel the same way. If you’re in your workout clothes and you don’t workout it makes you feel sluggish. Ugh. Boo.
    I would love to run around a lake or have a nice view. Darn Florida.
    But interesting how you notice people treat you differently when you’re alone (as a male) rather than being with a partner. I usually see it the other way around here in Miami, maybe cause I’m a woman. We should totally make a study lol

    • Robinson says:

      I don’t have a nice lake to run around here.. only up during my son’s chorus practice.

      Umm.. Miami.. Don’t you have a big ocean there you could run along?

      • Mariajose says:

        lmaoo that is true but I either have to pay to go into Key Biscayne or pay for parking to run in Miami Beach. The parking sucks pretty bad around that area. I try to do long runs there every once in a while but running alongside the beach in Miami isn’t very nice to your skin :/

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