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Marine corps marathon 2011

I got to see the beginning of this years Marine Corps Marathon  and it was a sight to see.  It appeared that the last runners crossed the starting line around the 20 minute mark and there were clothes EVERYWHERE!!!! Later

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Marine Corps Marathon Expo

So, this was my first expo, even if it isn’t my first marathon.  I will have to admit, it was pretty awesome.  I could have spent an entire pay check there, though granted – that isn’t as much as I

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Listening to my body, even when it seems lazy.

Two miles on the Dread-mill last night. This allowed me to appreciate one aspect of “starting over” — a 2 mile run on a treadmill is easy to deal with. 20 minutes comes and goes fairly quickly, especially when compared

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Product Review: SmartWool Toe Socks

So, After wearing my black toe socks since I got them in May (washing them every night), They finally got a little hole in the heel. (Those Darn Socks!) I figure that I got my money out of them –

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On the road again… I just can’t wait to get on the road again…

So, on my before-last post – I was talking about doing the couch to 5k.. And here is what I discovered. I can’t do it. It was BOOOOORRRRRIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!  And exceedingly aggravating.  Now Mind you, I’m not saying it isn’t a

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Sometimes it’s feast, and sometimes it’s famine.

Now, by looking at my title and knowing this is a running blog, one might assume I am referring to sometimes you can run a lot, and sometimes you can’t. Well, in this case – I meant it literally. On

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Woo Hoo! A New beginning!

So today is going to be my “First” day of running again!  I’m pretty excited about this, while dreading the monotony and boredom of doing “less than I know I can.”  But then that attitude is what got me into

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Stupidity is painful in running (unlike most of life ) to the stupid person.

First comment today – is on my leg.  The calf/shin doesn’t “hurt” anymore. Though It still feels off, definitely not up to running yet. Its hard to describe how it feels (wonky doesn’t explain it does it?), kind of tight,

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Picking a program

So, while I wait for my shin splints to go away, I am trying to pick my “do-over” plan.  I have debated the couch-to-5k program, but I have some concern that I could hold myself to that low of a

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I got to see my skeleton today.. Did YOU do anything that exciting?

So, today I had a bone scan done – it was a pretty cool experience.  I had to go in at 8:30 am, and they gave me a shot of radioactive material (my son is going to be so jealous.) 

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The Once and Future Runner
Once and Future Runner

2013 Was an amazing year, for me, So I am really looking forward to 2014!

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