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Running with the boy.

Last night was Girl Scout night, so my wife and daughter went off to their bi-weekly meeting.  This was the perfect opportunity for my son to join me on that run he has been asking about.  With the 50 degree temperatures

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Rest day.. Because your body needs it, even when your mind doesn’t want to!

Sometimes rest days are like a toddler’s nap. The Child may insist they don’t want/need them – yet due to that nap they are MUCH better to be around. Like wise, as a runner, we may not WANT to take

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Running in the cold – you may not be as fast as you feel you are.

Last night I got out of work earlier than usual.  That worked out quite nicely as I got to run in the light!  I went with one less layer this time, no under-armour on the top.  I regretted that for

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Running in the Cold and Dark – and loving it.

Another chilly run done and under the belt. When I started out last night at around 4:50, it was a balmy 35 degrees. I found out that once the sun goes down – the temperature drops FAST!!! By the end

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Running in the cold, and trying some of the POSE philosophy.

So with this weekend being a chilly 27 degrees, I thought this would be a good opportunity to figure out “how to dress” for the cold weather.  I did a quick google to find some charts on what people recommended,

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Pose vs Chi running – or -When illness strikes the family, the foot does not strike the pavement, so lets do some research instead.

unfortunately on Tuesday, my daughter’s latest meal decided not to stay down and it continued on for about 24 hours.  What this means, is my feet did not go out and strike the pavement.  Even after my wife got home –

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Foot Turning, Shin Splints and changing the stride.

So, ever since my long run in my marathon-training attempt, I have suffered from some shin splint pain on the left shin after a run.  This week has been true to form, with the pain returning as my running has. 

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Pete Keyes Turkey Trot 8k Race Report!

The Sleeper Has Awakened!!! Ok, so now that I have my Dune quote out of my system, My apologies for being absent for so long, We have expanded our locations at Work – so things like running, blogging and sleep

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Perfect Running Weather!!! Whether my Running technology works or not!

This unseasonable weather – is AWESOME!!!!   Normally I am unable to run whenever we get “perfect running weather” – so I am enjoying it even more!  All those days this year where the sun was shining, are being made up

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Last nights run and ponderings on speed. Plus, the 100 up challenge!

It’s amazing to me, but my running seems much faster than it was. I have actually gone back and compared my times, and I am running consistently 1/2 a mile an hour faster than I was a month, 2 months or 3

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The Once and Future Runner
Once and Future Runner

2013 Was an amazing year, for me, So I am really looking forward to 2014!

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